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Hungerhill School Hungerhill

Student Code of Conduct

To support our school vision and aims, students are asked to comply with our Student Code of Conduct:

Students are required to:

  • move sensibly, quietly and safely around the school
  • treat each other and staff with courtesy, respect and good manners
  • attend lessons promptly, equipped and ready to learn
  • participate in lessons and try your best
  • care for your equipment, belongings and our environment; do not have chewing gum in school
  • follow instructions and requests from all school staff at the first request
  • wear uniform correctly and with pride.
  • In line with our anti-bullying policy, all students are asked to:
  • not allow someone deliberately to be left out of a group
  • not smile or laugh or join in when someone else is being upset or bullied
  • tell a member of staff what is happening
  • tell the bullying students that you disapprove of their actions
  • support those students who are being bullied in any way you can.

What happens when we make the right choices in school?

  • verbal praise
  • positive comments in books, reports
  • phone call home
  • positive letter
  • postcards home
  • Award certificates
  • celebration assemblies
  • excellent progress
  • good GCSE grades
  • entry into the best jobs, apprenticeships, universities
  • better life chances; healthier, earn more money, have more choice, happier

What happens when we make the wrong choices in school?

  • oral reprimand
  • withdrawal of priviledges
  • confiscation
  • parental involvement
  • report to a member of staff
  • lose social time
  • detentions - including Saturday morning
  • isolation
  • fixed-term exclusions
  • possible Police involvement
  • Governor warning panel
  • permanent exclusion - this is the Headteacher’s decision.