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Hungerhill School

DT Textiles

Support our NHS and front-line workers

Some NHS staff and other front-line workers are working without sufficient protective clothing. There has been an appeal for people to make protective clothing. The pattern I am sharing with you is for scrub hats (protective headwear). If you would like to have a go at making one all of the necessary information is included. You will need to print the pattern out on A4 paper.

Additional information about scrub hats

Fabric choice:

  • The fabric should be either polyester or a polyester cotton mix
  • The fabric must be able to be washed at 60 degrees centigrade
  • The fabric can be plain or patterned
  • You can recycle old quilt covers or curtain fabric (check the fibre content on the label first)
  • Ideal width of fabric to is 116cm/48 inches, wider fabric will also work
  • 50cm/20 inches of fabric will make one hat, alternatively you can use 25cm/10 inches of lining fabric and 25cm/10 inches of exterior fabric

Extra information:

  • When you have made the scrub hat it must be washed at 60 degrees, dried and put into a clean plastic bag
  • Deliver the completed hats to the reception at Hungerhill school

Tip: it might be worth trying it out in paper first.

Any questions? Email me at:  Good Luck!