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Hungerhill School


Our ​Dining Experience

Our students get to enjoy a structured dining experience at Hungerhill. We have a one hour lunch where students can access a range of activities

We operate a cashless catering system at lunchtimes. Cash is not accepted at the till points in the dining hall. Parents are able to use the online pay portal, accessible from the school website to pay for their child's school lunches.

Meals are charged at the till point after students have obtained their lunch selection. Student accounts are accessed either by students placing their thumb onto a biometric reader (requires registration and permission from parents) or by entering a PIN allocated on arrival at the school.

If preferred, students can bring a packed lunch and there is a designated area within the dining hall to facilitate this.

Our school menus are published on a weekly basis in our student Bulletin and are displayed around the corridors. Lunch sittings are staggered to reduce queuing and activities are available during this time.