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Hungerhill School

Martin Milan

Having left Hungerhill in 1991, I progressed to Armthorpe Sixth Form where, to be fair, I utterly failed to apply myself. I compounded this mistake by going on to read mathematics at Northumbria University, and left the course having lost interest in the subject and having a friend in a suicidal state. I returned back to what I knew - Doncaster - and took a succession of warehousing jobs, etc.

In 1998, following a period of unemployment, I managed to get a place at Doncaster College on a fast track HNC Computing course. I always had an aptitude for computing, and, on completing the course, I managed to get a job with a small software company in Thorne. That was sixteen years ago. Since then, I have worked as a software developer in a number of industries, including automotive parts, the rail industry, utilities, and document translation. It's safe to say I have had something of a varied career!

I now work for Step Change Debt Charity, which means I am helping to create the systems used to advise people with problem debts as they attempt to recover their financial position. I'm fortunate to be in a job that is both well paid and rewarding; knowing that I am a part of an organisation that is helping to right one of the major problems in our society.

In terms of my home life, although I work in Leeds City Centre, I still live in Doncaster. The past five years have been rather hectic, and I have passed from living quite the bachelor lifestyle to having a fiancee, step-daughter, and my own baby. Life is great. Loud, messy, bewildering at times, but great.

Hungerhill has a fond place in my heart, and I wish all associated with the school, students and staff alike, every success.