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Pupil Premium

Pupil premium is a grant given to the school by the Department for Education (DfE) to provide extra support for those children who receive free school meals, along with children in care and also those who have parents in the armed forces.
In school, we currently have 240 students who are entitled to benefit from the additional funding.
In 2019-20 it is £935 for those eligible for Free School Meals and Ever 6, £2300 for looked after children or those adopted from care, and £300 for  service children.


This grant is used to help provide the following support activities:

•    an accelerated reading scheme; supported reading scheme and an on-line reading programme
•    smaller group sizes in English and mathematics
•    the homework club
•    a mentoring programme
•    one-to-one tuition
•    small group tuition
•    focussed careers guidance in Year 10 and 11
•    free music tuition and help with the costs of residential trips
•    developing inclusion strategies
•    improving attendance



Pupil Premium Results for 2019

Cohort 2019 English GCSE Intervention Strategies (Provisional)

60% gained a grade 4+

42.5% gained a grade 5+

Cohort 2019 Maths GCSE Intervention Strategies (Provisional)

62.5% gained a 4+

30% gained a grade 5+

52.5% gained a grade 4+ in both English and maths

15 % gained a grade 5 + in both English and maths

In all GCSEs, PP students gained aprovisional attainment 8 score of 4.1 and a provisional Progress 8 score of +0.07.