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Hungerhill School

Performing Arts

If you enjoy acting or dance, then this is the course for you! If you decide to take this course, you must be willing to develop your skills in at least one of the two disciplines of acting or dancing (you will be able to choose which one) and be prepared to perform to an audience. You will also be required to attend rehearsals in your own time.

Studying this course will provide a broad educational base for further training, further education, or for employment within the performing arts sector, as well as developing a number of transferable skills; working as part of a team; being able to research and interpret information; presenting information confidently to an audience, and communicating effectively in a variety of different ways.


Miss N Crowder
Miss N Crowder
Curriculum Leader

Performing Arts KS4

Exam Board:



Level 2 Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts


50% external assessment

50% internal assessment

Outline of course content and structure:

Acting Unit: Performing Text – This unit will focus on the study of a modern and classic text. You will develop the skills necessary to analyse a piece of dialogue in dramatic writing and be able to perform it appropriately.

Dance Unit: Ensemble Dance Performance - This unit explores skills in a selected dance style, focusing on reproducing and performing technical movements within a specific sequence with a group.

Core External Unit: Live Performance - This unit explores all the skills required for a live musical theatre performance. These range from planning, rehearsing and the performance itself to the reflection required post-performance to ensure continual development as performers.


Throughout the course you will develop the following skills/knowledge:

  • Vocal skills
  • Acting skills
  • Dancing skills
  • Performing and Presentational Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Organisation skills
  • Knowledge of health and safety requirements

Careers using Performing Arts

The most obvious career choice is to become a performer; acting, dancing, circus craft, puppeteer.


However, you may prefer to be behind the scenes. In which case you may look to a career involving set design and props work, wardrobe, costume, hair and make up, sound production, recording and lightning, stage and theatre management. 


How about working to promote a production such as marketing, sales and advertising?


Are you more technically minded? Maybe interested in working in the film industry? Check out what a rigger, gaffer, dolly grip and best boy do!


Maybe you want to support others to perform and so a career in teaching, specialist coaching or choreography work might be worthy of further investigation.



You could go on to study A-Levels in Performing Arts, Drama, and Dance, which can be combined with other subjects. Local colleges offer courses at Level 3 in Dance, Acting, and Musical Theatre. This can then be followed by a degree course in Performing Arts, Acting, Dance, and Drama, offered by many universities.


There are also many very specialist performing arts colleges who offer specialist training as well as degree courses. Be prepared though, they set very high entry and audition standards. Some examples are:

  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA)
  • Liverpool Institute of performing Arts (LIPA)
  • Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Guildhall London