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Hungerhill School

Year 11 Results Day

Message from Mrs Redford-Hernandez, CEO of the Brighter Futures Learning Partnership Trust

Well done to Year 11 on your fantastic achievements!

First of all, I would like to extend the Trust’s and my sincere congratulations to all of Year 11. This is the day we have been waiting for and we have much to celebrate. Despite the endless controversies surrounding this year’s exam results and the unchartered territory of centre-assessed grades, many of our students have met and exceeded their target grades and we should not fail to celebrate their fantastic achievements.

Our young people have been studying for these exams for more than 2 years and their sudden cancellation has undoubtedly caused much anxiety for them, their parents and teachers. It is, however, important that we don’t lose sight of what is important and that we celebrate this landmark moment reflecting the hard work, commitment and strength of character which has brought us to point.

Well done to everyone; it has been a tremendously difficult year but one which hopefully confirms that success is often borne out of adversity.