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Hungerhill School

PE Kit

We have been back at school for five weeks and there is a minority of students who are not meeting the requirements in terms of acceptable and appropriate PE kit. The school has been patient with regards to PE kit given the significant change to school procedure due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the day when students come to school dressed in PE kit, they should only wear kit and colours that are appropriate for the lesson itself. If it does not adhere to the PE uniform policy, then students cannot wear it for school. The school PE kit is displayed on the school website and is as follows.

* Plain black shorts (small sports logo is allowed)
* White polo shirt/t shirt (small logo allowed)
* Red school rugby shirt
* Plain black sweatshirt/hoody/tracksuit top/quarter zip top
* Black tracksuit/jogging bottoms/leggings

PE kit of any other colour is not permitted. Items of PE kit must be plain in design and not consist of large print, large sports logos or different colours. If there are any queries regarding appropriate kit, please get in touch with a member of the PE department and they will happily advise accordingly.

Thank you for your support

Mr Hacking

Curriculum leader PE