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Hungerhill School

Inter-Form Competitions

What’s been happening this half-term?

Year 8 competed in a Spelling Bee competition this half-term. Students from all form groups had the challenge of correctly spelling the 20 most common misspelt words in the English Language. The competition was completed over two form periods. Students completed the challenge in small groups within their form, then the highest scores from each form were submitted. The competition was very close and resulted in 8I edging out 8L by one point. Congratulations to 8L who bank 9 points towards the overall leader board.


The year 9 competition this half-term was the memory challenge. Initially, students competed within their form groups to decide who represented each form at the finals event. The challenge involves students having to remember a series of sequences and repeat each one. Students receive a point for each sequence they remember and repeat.  The competition was very close with Louis Wilkes from 9S beating Gabi Maslowska from 9H by just 3 points. Well done Louis and to all who took part.


The weekly general knowledge quizzes have been taking place as usual for years 7-9. However, the last week of term was a Christmas themed quiz. The results for each week are accumulated to determine the overall winners. The results for year 7 were very close with 7E beating 7S by just 2 points. Congratulations to 7E who bank 9 points towards the overall leaderboard. The results were also extremely close in year 8, with 8L Just edging out 8R and 8N by just 1 point. Well done 8L. A big well-done to 9R who are the half-term winners for year 9.

The current standings can be seen in the attachment below...