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Hungerhill School

Celebrating Achievement

At Hungerhill School, we always aim to celebrate the success and wonderful achievements of our students, both for what they do within school and for what they do as part of their extra-curricular activities.

For achievements within school and for our students' commitment to their studies, we host the following events:

  • Photography Challenges

Each month, students are given a theme and challenged to take one photo which best represents that theme. Students may interpret the theme however they see fit - they make take a literal approach or may choose a more abstract approach. All of the photos submitted will appear on this site along with a photographer profile for the winner and runners up. The challenge is open to all year groups and runs from the 1st of the month to the last day. The website can be accessed by clicking here.

Happy snapping!

  • Rewards Assemblies

These special assemblies are held in the regular assembly time slot and celebrate the Key Stage 3 students who have been awarded positive interactions by staff members. These assemblies occur on a half-termly basis and students are presented with gift cards to spend at their favourite stores. Depending on the assembly, students can win anything from £10 to £40!

  • Awards Mornings

The Hungerhill Awards Mornings are specially extended assemblies that happen once a year and aim to celebrate students' achievements in their subjects. We also present some very special awards, which are:

  • Team of the Year Award*
  • Pride of Hungerhill Award
  • Attitude to Learning Award
  • Pupil Choice Award*
  • Head of Year/Key Stage Award
  • Headteacher's Award

*Please note that these awards are subject to change each year and may not be applicable to all year groups.

  • Presentation Evening

This is Hungerhill School's flagship event. Our presentation evening happens once every year, during November, and aims to celebrate our departed Year 11 students. This keynote event gives our students the opportunity to be formally presented with their GCSE certificates, and we also present some very special awards for individuals' achievements and their attitude to learning.

  • Key Stage 4 Awards

These special awards are given out in a special assembly to celebrate the Key Stage 4 students who have been nominated by their subject teachers. These assemblies occur on a half-termly basis and students are presented with three main awards to celebrate the achievements of our Years 9, 10 and 11 students. Students are eligible for entry into the following:

  • Core values award
  • Head of year award
  • Highest scoring points award
  • Form group award

The Core values Awards are awarded to students who have embraced one or more of the Hungerhill Core Values, with students being put forward by their subject teachers in collaboration with their form tutor.

Our Head of Year Award aims to celebrate students who engage in some form of contribution to the year group, school community or extracurricular. This could include representing the school in a performance, any extra-curricular activity at a significant level, e.g. sports, performing arts, cadets, and charity work, etc. We don't often get to hear about extra-curricular activities that our students are involved in, and this is our way of recognising their hard work and commitment both in and out of school.

The Points award aims to acknowledge students who have a positive attitude to learning across all subject areas. The number of bonus credits, positive texts and positive calls accumulated are added together. The top three boys and girls are recognised, including the top student(s) overall.

The Form Award is awarded to the highest scoring form in the year group collectively for bonus credits, positive texts and positive calls home. A breakfast with the tutor is provided as a reward.