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Hungerhill School


At Hungerhill, we want to prepare our students academically, socially and personally for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of life in the 21st Century. We want to develop responsible citizens, who know how to keep themselves safe, and provide every student with the opportunity to achieve their very best. To enable this, the Hungerhill curriculum is designed to be ambitious, progressive and knowledge-rich with a focus on conceptual learning. The curriculum is equitable for all, and this allows students to develop a deep understanding of ideas beyond raw facts and methods and apply their knowledge in a range of situations and contexts. Knowledge is taught to be remembered and not just encountered. Additionally, students have access to a broad personal development programme consisting of enrichment activities, extra-curricular clubs, charity events and leadership experiences. 

Our curriculum will: 

Develop the character of all students 

  • An appropriate, aspirational pathway is available for all students as they are challenged to achieve their very best in all subjects, striving for excellence. 

  • Students are encouraged to show resilience as they engage in the healthy struggle of their learning. 

  • Students are taught the values of respect, honesty and the importance of being caring and considerate of others, valuing the role that they, and others, play withing society. Student wellbeing is paramount. 

Ensure all students are literate and numerate 

  • Any good curriculum has reading at its heart. A love of reading is promoted throughout the curriculum and where students are reading below their chronological age, they are supported to catch-up with their peers. 

  • Students will be confident and competent with English and Maths, allowing, skills and understanding to be transferred between subjects. 

  • All subjects will contribute to the development of English and Maths knowledge understanding and skills.  

Build knowledge and aspirations of all students 

  • The English Baccalaureate (EBACC) provides the strong, academic core of our curriculum throughout Key Stage 3 with the majority of students following an EBACC pathway throughout Key Stage 4. 

  • Learning episodes are coherently planned and sequenced to connect learning and develop understanding. Students are provided with the opportunity to master skills, deepen understanding and succeed. 

  • Students learn and develop new skills and knowledge that builds on prior learning. Retrieval practice and recall activities are prominent within our curriculum, with frequent opportunities to review learning, through formative and summative assessment, and embed understanding. 

Ensure all students have the secure foundations to progress into further education and employment 

  • The curriculum builds on learning from Key Stage 2 and subsequently prepares students for Key Stage 5 and beyond.  

  • Through our innovative curriculum and links within our Trust, students enjoy the breadth of the National Curriculum, complimented by high-quality vocational and technical experiences. 

  • The eight Gatsby benchmarks provide the framework for our high-quality careers programme. This means that students can make well-informed choices about their future. 

Develop cultural capital of all students 

  • Students develop a curiosity for learning as they become well-informed about the world around them. 

  • Students will be taught the essential knowledge that students need to be educated citizens, helping them to develop an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. 

  • Students will understand the importance of lifelong learning.