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Hungerhill School

Curriculum Focus Days

Throughout each school year, our students have the opportunity to experience themed drop-down days with a variety of foci: all building important knowledge and skills such as confidence and resilience.

Our first drop down day involves the whole of Year 7 going on a day trip to the Kingswood Activity Centre in October. Students complete physical and problem-solving challenges whilst building relationships with their peers and teachers. Other days include a focus on careers and citizenship.

During 2022-23, Year 7 -10 students take part in three RE Curriculum Focus Days per year group with Year 10 also having three days for careers and PSHE. These Curriculum Focus Days allow student to be fully immersed in a topic/theme, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation for other cultures, viewpoints and life experiences. Examples of the style/content of these days are shown below:

Year Group Subject Focus Core Value Link Format of the day
7 RE Tolerance and anti-discrimination Respect One teacher with each form all day, working through information and activities which involve discussion, creativity and competition.
10 RE and Careers

RE: ethics

Careers: introduction to ‘Start’



RE - Students spend 3 lessons studying the ethics and religious stance surrounding genetic engineering, abortion and euthanasia.

Careers – Students build their ‘profile’ on our new careers platform, ‘Start’. They then explore career paths through structured activities on the platform.