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Hungerhill School


Lunch / After School Clubs

At Hungerhill School we offer our students as many enrichment opportunities as possible to broaden their cultural capital, boost their academic skills and social skills and improve their well-being. 

Research suggests that students who participate in enrichment activities have greater self-esteem and resilience; this engagement in enrichment activities can also support academic achievements. It also gives students the opportunity to make new friends and get to know staff who might not teach them in the timetabled lessons, helping with relationship building and communication skills.

Enrichment activities provide a rich array of positive experiences which may be particularly significant for students struggling to succeed in the classroom. Once a student has experienced achievement in one area, there is a tendency for it to then spread into other areas of school life. Enrichment activities may provide a valuable catalyst for our students to create a sense of identity and belonging to Hungerhill, offering them a meaningful experience that allows our students to excel, thrive and succeed academically and also outside the classroom.

At Hungerhill, we are proud to offer an extensive variety of Enrichment clubs and activities which run either at lunchtime or after school. The programme is constantly evolving, and we would love to hear ideas from our students about other clubs they would like to see!

Lego club

  • Know what makes a good design.
  • Building different designs.
  • Evaluating and improving a model.
  • Building and creating skills.
  • Sharing ideas.
  • Experimenting with your imagination.
  • Confidence.
  • Teamwork.
  • Communication.
  • Problem solving.

Art club

Students from years 7 and 8 have been creative during Art club over the half-term. They have been using watercolour paints to create shoe and trainer designs.

Science Club

Every week pupils complete a brilliant experiment and develop their ability to work scientifically as they plan, conduct, and evaluate science practical activities. Everyone is welcome. Here is a flavour of the experiments that are covered;

  • Making your own gas power station - Can you use the supplied equipment to engineer a way of spinning the turbine?
  • Flame tests - Different metals make flames produce unusual colours. Experiment to find out which metal matches the different flame colours of Orange, Purple, Green and Red.
  • Static Charge - Have you ever been shocked after being on a trampoline or after being in the car? Find out why and see some very cool static tricks.
  • Rainbow test tubes - Use hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and universal indicator to make a rainbow of colours. A steady hand and pipette skills are required; one drop too many, and you won't have the correct colour.
  • Dissection - Ever wanted to be a pathologist, vet, or surgeon? Come to this session to see if it is for you.
  • Air Rockets 1 - Design and make your own air rocket. You need to make sure it is the right size so it can fit on the launcher correctly.
  • Air Rockets 2 - Launching your Air rocket.

Library Club

  • Reading
  • Homework
  • Board Games
  • Mindfulness Colouring

Every day at break time, lunchtime and after school, our library is a hub of enrichment activity! Students from all years are invited and are always very excited about trying something new. Mrs Kwasniewska, who runs the club, says that this club ‘gives the students the opportunity to relax and socialise with their friends, whilst at the same time developing their skills and completing their work.’ The students really enjoy the calming community atmosphere in the library.

The Hub

The Hub provides an inclusive and nurturing environment for vulnerable and SEND pupils. This provision is available to pupils before school, at break and at lunchtime. Pupils play games like chess and socialise with others from across the school.

The Hub is staffed by members of the SEND Team, who are available to listen to any worries or concerns.

Connect 4 Club.

It’s the classic game pupils love to play with their friends! This club offers a quiet space in which pupils can have fun and develop their strategic skills to outwit their opponent and connect four coloured disks.


Sports Clubs


Our football clubs focus on fostering teamwork, social cohesion, skill development, and a love for the game. Pupils engage in training sessions, small-sided games and gain the opportunity to participate in local and National cup competitions as well as the Doncaster School Premier League. Students work towards improving individual skills, building team strategies, and fostering a passion for football.

Skills Developed: Teamwork, coordination, agility, and strategic thinking.

Why Join: New members can enjoy the thrill of playing football, improve their skills, and make lasting friendships on and off the field.



Netball club emphasises fitness, precision, and teamwork in a fun and supportive environment.

Pupils participate in drills, practice matches, and gain the opportunity to compete against other schools. Students work towards enhancing netball skills, understanding game strategies, and promoting team spirit.

Skills Developed: Communication, agility, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking.

Why Join: New members have the opportunity to learn and excel in netball, make friends, and experience the joy of being part of a team.



Basketball club aims to develop basketball skills, promote fitness, and instil a sense of sportsmanship. Pupils engage in skill development practices, small-sided games, and may participate in local basketball leagues with our expert external coach, Pat Smith. Students work towards improving basketball fundamentals, teamwork, and fostering a passion for the sport.

Skills Developed: Dribbling, shooting, teamwork, and strategic thinking.

Why Join: New members can experience the excitement of basketball, improve their skills, and be part of a supportive team environment. Many students play in the local basketball league through working with our experienced and qualified external coach, Pat Smith.


Table Tennis:

Table Tennis Club offers a dynamic and challenging environment for pupils to learn and enjoy table tennis. Pupils practice different strokes, play matches, and may compete in inter-school competitions as well as school fixtures. Students work towards improving table tennis techniques, enhancing reflexes, and building a love for the sport.

Skills Developed: Hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, concentration, and strategic thinking.

Why Join: New members can discover the thrill of table tennis, develop their skills, and be part of a welcoming community during lunch times on a Thursday and Friday. 



Badminton Club is dedicated to the fast-paced and exciting sport of badminton, focusing on skill development and friendly competition. Pupils participate in badminton drills, practice matches, and may have opportunities to compete for school. Students work towards improving badminton techniques, understanding game strategies, and fostering a love for the sport.

Skills Developed: Hand-eye coordination, agility, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking specific to badminton.

Why Join: New members can experience the thrill of badminton, enhance their skills, and enjoy the social aspect of the game. It's a fantastic opportunity to stay active, have fun, and be part of a welcoming badminton community.


Fitness Suite Club:

The Fitness Suite Club is dedicated to promoting overall fitness and well-being through a variety of exercises and training routines. Pupils engage in a mix of cardio, strength training, and functional exercises using the fitness suite equipment. Students work towards improving physical fitness, setting personal fitness goals, and cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

Skills Developed: Endurance, strength, discipline, and an understanding of fitness principles.

Why Join: New members can benefit from personalised fitness guidance, work towards their health goals, and develop a habit of staying active for a healthier lifestyle. It's a supportive environment for anyone, regardless of fitness level, to make positive changes.


Sports and Dance Ambassadors

The Sports and Dance Ambassadors programme is designed for students interested in taking on leadership roles within the school's sports community, promoting teamwork and positive engagement. This group forms our PE Sport and Dance Leadership Academy.  Students who are part of the academy will be our key Ambassadors in Sport and Dance.  Students who wish to be part of the academy will have to apply to join and meet set criteria linked to leadership qualities. Students can apply to be a Sport or Dance Ambassador or both.

Those who are part of the academy must show commitment in terms of giving up their time for meetings, training and events and will be key role models for the PE department and school in Sport and Dance. They will help to promote both Sport and Dance extra-curricular clubs and the positive principles and values of Sport and Dance.

Dance Ambassadors Responsibilities

  • To be key Dance role models for the PE department and school and engage in the positive promotion of Dance and all the principles it encompasses.
  • To support in the promotion of Dance within the curriculum and the extra-curricular club.
  • To support with the Dance extra-curricular club.
  • To plan and lead their own organised Dance events.
  • To support and lead in various Dance festivals, events and shows at both primary and secondary levels.
  • If applicable, undertake and complete the official Dance Leaders course at the appropriate level.


Sport Ambassadors Responsibilities

  • To be key Sports role models for the PE department and school and engage in the positive promotion of sporting values and principles.
  • To support in the promotion of extra-curricular clubs and in the delivery of them.
  • To plan and lead their own organised sporting activities and events.
  • To support and lead in various PE and Sports activities, events, competitions and tournaments at both primary and secondary level.
  • If applicable, undertake and complete the official Sports Leaders course at the appropriate level.


Students participate in leadership training, organise sports events and festivals for both Hungerhill and our community primary schools, assist in coaching younger students, assist with extra-curricular clubs and assist in lessons by taking on a leadership role such as leading the warm-up. Students work towards developing leadership skills, fostering a sense of responsibility, and contributing to the school's focus on developing the whole student. 

Both Sport and Dance Ambassadors will receive training on specific leadership skills and training for various events.  If applicable to the student, they may complete the Sports/Dance Leaders courses at the appropriate level.

In the leadership role, students will develop communication, co-operation, and organisational skills.  They will enhance their confidence and resilience.  Dance Leaders will develop their choreography skills.  Sports Leaders will develop their refereeing and umpiring skills for various games.


All Leaders will be given the opportunity to plan and lead their own events and will lead and support in PE events, tournaments and competitions.  Primary sports events are also a key part of the PE programme and Sport and Dance Leaders will be involved in leading at these school community events.


New members can gain valuable leadership experience, make a positive impact on the school's sports environment, and develop skills that extend beyond sports. It's an opportunity to inspire others, contribute to the school community, and build a strong sense of responsibility.

Sport and Dance Leaders will enjoy the variety of different events they will be involved in across our school community, promoting the positive attributes of Sport and Dance.  They will also enjoy the opportunity to gain qualifications in Sports and Dance leadership.



Dance Club

Dance Club is a vibrant and expressive space where students can explore various dance styles, fostering creativity and self-expression.  Students of all abilities are welcome, both boys and girls.  Our current Dance Troop is called ‘Atomic’.

Students engage in choreography sessions, learn new dance routines including Acrobatic Dance skills and are also given the opportunity to choreograph their own dances.  Students then perform at school events such as the PE Awards Evening, Arts Evening, Christmas Concert and Christmas Fair, at primary festivals and at Dance Showcases. Students are working towards enhancing dance and choreographic skills, building confidence in performance, promoting dance within school and the community and creating memorable performances and experiences.

Coordination, cooperation, musicality, creativity, teamwork and self-expression through Dance.  Skills in choreography and using choreographic devices are also developed.

New members can discover the joy of dancing, express themselves through movement, and be part of a supportive and creative community.  It's a chance to build confidence, make friends and showcase talents in an exciting and inclusive environment.



Music and Performing Arts Clubs.

Choir Club

Choir is a club that is built solely on a love of music. It values the importance of friendships spanning across year groups. Pupils collaborate on which songs/artists the group would like to sing, often deciding on pop songs and songs from movie musicals. Choir Club work towards two main events each year, the Christmas Concert and The Creative Arts Evening, in each of these the club often contributes two or three songs. In choir, pupils learn harmonies and a platform to perform solos within group songs. Choir is a friendly group of students ranging from year 7 to year 11, everyone is welcome. This is a club that prides itself on creating a club environment in which students can not only grow their love for music but grow in confidence.


Musical Theatre Club

In the first half of the year Musical Theatre club is dedicated to singing rehearsals for the school production. However, after February half term this becomes a club in its own right. Anyone interested in Musical Theatre; from West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar and Grease to Wicked, Matilda, We Will Rock You, Hamilton and Six, should come and give it a go. You will focus on developing one or more of acting, singing, and dancing skills alongside teamwork, resilience, and confidence as you select snippets from famous musicals to rehearse and perform. Students from all year groups are welcome.


Trust Band

Trust band is a brand-new venture this year. Musicians from across the different schools within the trust come together on a Tuesday evening, 4pm-5pm, to rehearse music and have fun. They have already performed in Hungerhill’s Christmas concert, playing some selected carols alongside the more upbeat Jingle Bell Rock. They are currently working on an arrangement of We Will Rock and I’m a Believer.

If you want to develop your instrument skills further and learn alongside others in a non-threatening environment or feel you could help others improve, then please come along and join us. The club is open to anyone who plays a musical instrument and reads music.




School Production

The school production club runs every year from September to February half term. The school year starts with an announcement of the Musical for that year with students then auditioning for a role. Everyone who is interested in taking part is included in the cast, from lead roles to smaller ensemble parts. We also have a backstage and production crew. If you want to build your confidence, make new friendships, and become part of Hungerhill’s production “community/family” then look out for the announcements for next year. This really is a highlight of the school year for the Performing Arts department … why not become a part of it?


Drama Club

The Drama club come together on a Thursday lunchtime, focusing solely on developing acting skills. They are currently working towards Hansel and Gretel where they will be joined by the Trust primary schools in April to put on a performance of this classic tale. In the Summer term they will explore a variety of different materials with select pieces being showcased in the Creative Arts evening in July. Is there a specific script or TV scene you’ve always wanted to re-create? Are you a keen writer looking for people to bring your work to life? Do you love playing different characters and want to improvise in different scenarios? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then come and join us on a Thursday lunchtime and give it go … you’ve got nothing to lose!


Music Club

Have you always wanted to try out drums, guitar, ukulele, or keyboard? Do you want to explore music technology and making your own songs or how film and gaming music is created? Is there a group of you who want to form a band? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then Music Club is for you! Come along and try it! Feel free to explore your creativity and see where music takes you.

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