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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Community Defibrillator Information 

The cardiac charity SADS UK aims to save lives, providing information, funding research and medical equipment to prevent premature sudden cardiac death.
Provision of cardiac equipment
SADS UK empowers medical establishments and organisations by providing information and cardiac equipment including:-
•    A Defibrillator to Hungerhill School., to restart the heart in an emergency situation and sustain life until the ambulance arrives. 
•    The defibrillator is located at the rear of the Fitness Suite facing the sports fields in a bright yellow box (see photo)
•    The defibrillator is available to the local Community via the South Yorkshire Ambulance Service when 999 is dialled between the hours of 0800 through to 1630 hrs Mon – Fri

Does the school have lockers, and are there any plans for lockers? 

There are no lockers or current plans for lockers. The reason for this is that the school has grown vastly in number over the years and there simply is not enough space to provide lockers. It is something that Senior Leadership may look into in the future once we have the new building.

Can parents request that their child not be placed in the same tutor group as one of their peers? 

Hungerhill consults fully with Year 6 teachers and if we are advised at that time of any potential problems we will act on this and put them in separate forms. However, if they are in the same sector they may come across each other in subjects such as PE and DT when the tutor groups become mixed. This may also happen when they are put into sets for some subjects. If you have any concerns, please let the Year 6 teacher know so that they can inform us. If you would like to follow it up with a letter to us as well, that would be fine. We DO NOT place friendship groups together; coming to Hungerhill is a time to make new friends and interact with different people.

What after school clubs do you run? 

There is a wide variety of sports clubs run throughout the year, dependant on the season, such as:

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Rounders
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Fishing
  • Dance
  • Tennis
  • There is a science club, normally held on a Monday (they will support with Homework etc)
  • Performing Arts (Glee Club)
  • various music clubs (String/Drum/Guitar/Ukelele etc)
  • school band rehearsals

There is a homework club Monday to Thursday: 3:10 - 3:50pm staffed by Senior Teaching Assistants, so if your child is struggling with their homework they can attend and get help and support. They can have the use of computers and printers there.

We also run clubs at lunchtime in the library:

  • Reading Zone
  • chess club
  • craft club

What do I do if my child is being bullied? 

We would suggest that you encourage your child to come to either their tutor, Head of Year, or the KS3/KS4 Pastoral Support Officers to tell them what is happening. Staff will work with them to sort the concerns out. At Hungerhill we are very clear on bullying; it has to be STOP (Several Times On Purpose) to be considered bullying. We find that, generally, we can resolve issues relatively easily before it gets to that level. If we can’t resolve issues at this level, they are passed through to Senior Management who will then oversee the process and advise. Of course, if they feel unable to approach us, please do not hesitate to contact us yourselves.

How early can my child arrive in school and where can they go? 

If they don’t attend breakfast club, then we would suggest no earlier than 8:30am. The school currently operates an open class policy so there are places they can go. The library is open from 8:00am if they need to print off homework or want to read quietly.

​If it is raining at break/lunchtime do they have to stay outside? 

Some students do choose to shelter under the canopied areas but they do not have to remain outside. At break times, they can make their way to their next lessons and, as long as they are reasonably quiet, they are allowed to remain in that area. At lunchtimes, they can remain in the hall.

Do you have a breakfast club? 

Yes, we do have one. It runs from 8:00am and your child is able to buy breakfast (toast, bacon rolls, crumpets etc) and drinks (costs subject to change).

Where do we get a bus pass from?​ 

You can collect the application form from Frenchgate Interchange, but they will be given out by your primary schools later in the year.

When will I be told what uniform to buy and where from? 

Once we have official confirmation that your child has a place at Hungerhill, our Admin team send out letters and order forms to the primary school, which they then distribute. Just follow the instructions in the letter and it will all be arranged for you. PE Kit is dealt with separately at a later date. A full uniform list is available online but it will also be given to you in booklet form during your child’s transition days with us.

What do they do if they forget their dinner money? 

If they forget their dinner money, they just need to see Mrs Oxley, the Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, who will issue them with a green slip. The following day, they need to get a dinner ticket and give it to Mrs Oxley to repay for the 'borrowed' lunch. At this point the green slip is disposed of.

Do they have to have dinner tickets or can they have money? 

They can have money but we would strongly advise that they buy dinner tickets and clearly mark their name on the back for safety. It is easier to locate a missing dinner ticket with a name on than it is money.  You can buy dinner tickets on a weekly, monthly, or termly basis. Drinking water is available free of charge but if they require bottled water or squash, this is extra.

What happens if they need to contact home? 

If they need to contact home urgently they should go to the KS3/KS4 office and they will be allowed to contact home from there.

What happens if we need to contact our child urgently? 

​If it is urgent, please contact the school and Reception will arrange to pass the message on. Please be aware that this is for emergencies only. General family arrangements should be made before they come to school.

What arrangements for first aid do you have? 

We do not have a school nurse. If your child has an accident in school then the designated First Aider on duty will deal with it as necessary. If your child feels unwell, they should go and see their Pastoral Support Officer or their Head of Year who will assess them. If they cannot find either of these, then they should go to Reception.

Are there plans to change the uniform? 

We are in consultation at the moment and parents will have the opportunity to record their views. Please refer to the uniform survey in the 'Parents' section of the website for more information.

What is the structure of the school day? 

School begins at 8:50am, although students should already be at their form before this time so that registration can take place. School finishes at 3:10pm. There are 6 x 50 minute lessons, a 15 minute break and a 50 minute lunch (split across two times; 11.50-12.40 and 12.40-1.30).

What should I expect in terms of homework? 

Homework (or home learning) enhances student learning, improves achievement, and develops students' study skills and, as such, is an integral part of the curriculum. Subjects endeavour to set homework that is meaningful, valued, varied, appropriate, integral, and clear.

KS3 students should spend approximately 5-7 hours each week doing homework, on average.

KS4 students should find this increases to approximately 7-10 hours per week.

If we can't attend Year 6 Open Evenings​, can we visit the school with our child/children individually before they start in September? 

Yes, but it must be by appointment and may be subject to change as dictated by the whole school timetable.

What support will my Year 7 child/children receive during their first day/week at Hungerhill? 

As well as the entire KS3 team, each form group has a number peer mentors (current Year 10 students) attached to it. These students have been specially trained to deal with any queries your child may have. As a current student, they are not only a friendly face for your child but can also direct them around school and really help them settle into life at Hungerhill.

Who do I make cheques payable to? 

​'Hungerhill School'. Also, please write the name of your child and their form on the reverse of the cheque, and what the cheque is for, eg. 'Ski Trip 2018', 'Dinner tickets' etc

​How much does it cost for a bus ticket? 

The current cost is 80p per journey with a bus pass. Please be aware that despite being in uniform, if they do not have a bus pass, they may be charged full fare.

What instrumental lessons are offered in the school? 

Piano, Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Cornet, Baritone, Trombone, Tenor Horn, Singing, Drums

How much do instrumental lessons cost? 

Currently, for the year 2015-16, the cost is £154 per instrument for the year, payable in one lump sum at the start of the year. If you are in receipt of free school meals, or you believe you will struggle with this payment, we ask that you contact our Finance department to discuss your circumstances and see if there is anything we can do to help. The cost may change in subsequent years.

When do the instrumental lessons take place? 

They take place during the school day and will involve your child missing 15-20 minutes of one of their timetabled lessons to attend their instrumental lesson. Where possible, this is carried out on a rota so that students do not miss the same lesson every week.

I/My child has a problem with their instrumental lesson. What should I do? 

Encourage your child to see the Head of Music (Miss Crowder) to discuss the problem and explore solutions. However, if you are particularly concerned and your child does not feel they can deal with it themselves, please contact Miss Crowder yourself (either by leaving a telephone message or sending an email to Problems should not be addressed to the instrumental teacher.

How will I know how my child is progressing in their instrumental lessons? 

You should receive a report from the instrumental teacher. However, these are co-ordinated by the music service and so we can not say when you will receive them. You will also receive information about examinations if the instrumental teacher feels your child is ready to be entered. If, at any point, you feel you need an update on your child’s progress, please contact Miss Crowder.

My child hasn’t had instrumental lessons at primary school but is interested in starting to play, is this possible? 

Your child can start instrumental lessons at any time. However, if the school year has already begun they may be put on a waiting list as time is bought in during the Summer term for the following year and instrumental tutors may be full.

When and where can I buy replacement school jumpers & ties from? 

​Replacement school uniform is available for students to buy every Tuesday lunchtime in the Admin Office between 12.15-1.15. The prices are as follows:

​​Plain black V-neck jumper with school logo ​ 30"-34"​​ ​​£14.00
  ​36"-44" ​£16.00
​School tie (Years 7-10) ​£3.50
​School tie (Year 11) ​£5.00

All prices include VAT ​ ​

If you have any questions that are not listed here, please contact Hungerhill and we will do our best to answer any queries that you may have.