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Hungerhill School Hungerhill

Governance and Leadership

governor meetings schedule 

Local Governing Body - 5.00pm

Wednesday 23 September 2020

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Standards and Outcomes Committee – 5:00pm

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Wednesday 3 February 2021

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Link Governors

Mr Neil Purvis - Monitoring and Evaluating of School Development Plan

Mr David Munro - Training and Development of the role of the Governor (CPD)

Mr Philip Wedell - SEND/Looked After Children and Pupil Premium

Mr Garry Taylor - Safeguarding/Child Protection and Health and Safety

mrs l pond - Interim Headteacher

Mrs L Pond - Interim Headteacher

Mrs Pond is the Interim Headteacher at Hungerhill and the Director of the Partners in Learning Secondary Teaching School Alliance. Her previous roles as Advanced Skills Teacher and Deputy Headteacher allowed her to contribute towards the Outstanding judgement that the school received in October 2012. Since then, she has been heavily involved in working across a number of local secondary and primary schools, in developing aspects of teaching and learning and system leadership. It is her firm belief that evidenced-based practice should drive school improvement and that as a school leader she plays a critical role in using research to develop her practice and inform her decisions to allow her to improve outcomes for all children at Hungerhill.


Mr Neil Purvis (Chair) 


Mr Neil Purvis


Neil Purvis is an Audit Manager for the Government Internal Audit Agency. Leading a diverse team of Chartered Auditors and Accountants, he is responsible for the development, planning and delivery of a complex annual programme of Internal Audit and assurance work for a major Central Government Department. His expertise lies in Internal Audit, corporate governance, internal control, risk management, corporate strategy and strategic management, and public sector/central government/civil service operations. He has one child in the school.

Neil is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (CMIIA); and a Globally Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) with the Institute of Internal Auditors, Global. Neil has been a member of the Civil Service for over 16 years undertaking various roles within the Department for Work and Pensions, and more recently in HM Treasury. Neil has also worked in the private sector.

Neil has extensive experience in public sector finance, governance, risk management and general business delivery and feels he has the unique skills and knowledge that he can bring to the Board of Governors.

MR GARRY Taylor (vice-Chair) 


Mr Garry Taylor


Garry Taylor is the Director of Quality and Compliance at Intertrain UK Ltd. He is responsible for the quality of compliance of teaching and learning, health and safety, IT and HR within the company. He has knowledge of education inspection frameworks and has participated in Ofsted inspections and ESFA audits.

He is a Board Member of The Association of Railway Training Providers (ARTP) and is the nominated safeguarding representative for Intertrain. Garry is currently responsible for managing GDPR, Data Protection and IT compliance for Intertrain.

He has extensive experience in Railway Engineering, design, safety and training and feels his skillset will strengthen the Board of Governors at Hungerhill School.

 Mr Nic Burne

Mr N Burne (Small).jpg

Mr N Burne

Nic has been a Governor for over fifteen years. He was motivated to join the governors while his three boys were at Hungerhill, and he wanted to give something back for the excellent start in life that the school gave to his family.

He finds it a source of great pleasure and satisfaction to be part of such a dynamic and proactive team. The Governors are very involved with the running of the school, and the school is always very welcoming of the Governors’ input. Together they make a winning team, as is shown by the excellent exam results.

Nic was a teacher for twenty years and then ran a small business, so he has some skills and experience which, though dated, are useful to the Board.

He is acutely aware of the heavy responsibility that governance carries, but he finds it very interesting and rewarding.

 Mr Paul Senior

Mr P Senior

MR Oliver Marriott  

Mr Oliver Marriott

Mr Oliver Marriott

Having an educational background in Mathematics, Oliver has been able to transfer critical and analytic thinking skills into the ICT Support department of Hungerhill School, and has strived to bring diligence and an industrious work ethic to his profession.  His position in the school affords him the opportunity to build good working relationships with both teaching and support staff alike, meaning he has a balanced understanding of the operational and curriculum requirements of Hungerhill.

A vital aspect of Oliver’s work involves the ability to communicate at all levels, to ensure that he can provide a high quality of ICT support and service to all the students and staff he comes into contact with on a daily basis.

Oliver strongly believes that projecting a caring and positive image whilst carrying out his role is of great value, to ensure that he personally, and the ICT support department as a whole, are seen as approachable.  Not only this, but this attitude can also serve as a good precedent for the students at Hungerhill.

Oliver feels that his role as Staff Governor is a privilege and he feels that he will be able to contribute to strategic discussions in the course of his role.

Mr Philip Wedell 

Mr Philip Wedell

Philip Wedell runs Glebe Farm Kennels and Cattery and has experience of animal husbandry, data management and budget finance. His current responsibilities include the welfare of up to 80 dogs and cats and the maintenance of the associated infrastructure.

He has also worked as a Director of an NGO being responsible for programme design, management and finance control and worked for the International Children’s Trust as a Co-executive Director co-ordinating the management of projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Philip has one child in school.

Philip has extensive experience of working with quite large teams of colleagues to achieve development goals and much of his working life has involved training groups of young people to acquire practical life skills. He directly employed 100 people over a range of social activities and micro-enterprises and was responsible for accurate financial control.

Philip is confident that his previous experiences will help him to work in his Parent Governor role to support the Board of Governors.

Mr David Munro  

Mr David Munro

David Munro is the Systems and Technology Manger for Unipart Rail, leading the implementation of the digital strategy for Unipart Rail. David has currently 2 children in school.

David is a trained facilitator and has an appreciation for group dynamics and leading groups to positive outcomes. He also has a strong background in process improvement across many different business sectors, and feels that he can bring these skills into his Parent Governor role.

David has an understanding of current and new technology and feels it is vitally important to bring those concepts to children at the earliest possible opportunity in their lives. He believes his experience of working with a variety of stakeholders and his investment as an interested parent leads him to think that he can contribute to the Board of Governors as a positive engaged member of the team.