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Hungerhill School

Initial Teacher Training

Train to Teach at Hungerhill School!

We offer a high quality, hands-on teacher training programme. The programme is delivered by outstanding, practising teachers which will allow you to gain valuable knowledge, skills and attitudes that will provide you with the best environment in which to train and enable you to start your journey towards becoming an excellent teacher.

Hungerhill’s last OFSTED inspection was in October 2012, where we were acknowledged as being outstanding in all areas. At Hungerhill, we firmly believe that the School Direct route produces the strongest trainee teachers who are best prepared for their NQT year and career as a teacher. For this reason, we deliver School Direct Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in partnership with The Sheffield SCITT, which is owned and run by Notre Dame High School, Sheffield.

Our mission is to recruit high quality candidates into teaching and retain them to meet the needs of our locality. Doncaster offers excellent opportunities for teacher training and for a continuing and rewarding career path. Our diverse alliance of schools is extremely experienced and has been involved in delivering high quality teacher-training for many years.

In addition to the academic requirements Hungerhill is looking for candidates to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Resilience, enthusiasm and the desire to learn
  • Emotional intelligence
  • A high standard of written and spoken English
  • The ability to reflect as a route to improving classroom practice.

Our course offers the opportunity to study for a PGCE during your ITT year, or you can choose to take the QTS only route with us. The PGCE is offered through The University of Hull.

Please note: The Hungerhill School Direct programme only provides unsalaried courses.

Our partnership with sheffield SCITT

The Sheffield SCITT is owned and run by Notre Dame High School, Sheffield, which is not only an outstanding school but is also a National Teaching School with a strong background in teacher training.

Hungerhill chose to be a lead school for the Sheffield SCITT because of their excellent teacher training programme and their high success rate in producing outstanding trainees who are well-equipped for the high demands of teaching.

what is 'school direct'?

School Direct is an ideal choice for those of you who hope to secure a teaching post in the network of schools in which you have trained. It is all about training and learning in the very place you will eventually work in; the school itself! You’ll be part of a team from the very start, receiving personalised support from expert teachers and mentors: this means you won’t be thrown in at the deep end but will gradually be able to find your feet in the classroom.

With School Direct you’re selected for training by the ITT team at Hungerhill, in partnership with the Sheffield SCITT. Choosing School Direct gives you an alternative route into teacher-training that allows you to be trained by experienced, practising teachers in a school-based setting, as well as completing a PCGE if you choose to. The principles of academic rigour in a School Direct programme are the same as on University-led courses but added to this, you spend the whole year immersed in school-life. This means that school-led courses have very high rates of employment and trainee satisfaction.

Our approach is based on what our partnership Headteachers, who lead “good” and “outstanding” schools, are looking for in their Newly Qualified Teachers. Our Headteachers recognise the quality of trainees who have spent the whole year in school, experiencing the full calendar cycle of the school year and being involved in every aspect of the professional teacher’s role in their schools. They find teachers trained this way are better prepared for the rigours of qualified teaching and progress more quickly in their careers.

Find out more on the DFE’s ‘Get into teaching’ website:

what does our programme involve?

Hungerhill School is committed to providing quality first teacher training. We continually develop and review our programme of study to make it current and relevant.

Please click on the tab to the right hand side of this webpage, ‘Who is Part of the Team’, to see biographies of key members of staff working within ITT at Hungerhill.

This course entails 4 days per week in school, during which time in school you will be guided by an experienced mentor: they will introduce you to school life and help you to learn how to teach your subject as you work your way through the Teachers’ Standards.

On one day per week you will take part in study days with fellow trainees in our training centre on the Hungerhill School site. This involves specialist input from the best practitioners who will help you develop your practical classroom skills as well as a deep theoretical understanding of subject specific pedagogy. You will be trained on varied aspects such as how to walk and talk like a teacher, plan lessons effectively, behaviour management and how to really stretch and challenge students.

There are three formally assessed teaching practices throughout the year. You will begin, and spend the majority of the year, in your ‘Home School’ and there will be the opportunity to complete another teaching practice in a contrasting school.

Whilst you can choose to take the QTS only route if this suits you best, you can also study for a PGCE on our programme. Our PGCE is delivered through the University of Hull. You will spend approximately 4 days over the year with your tutors at the University of Hull alongside some virtual sessions to support with completing the two assignments.

Our 100% school-based approach means you will experience the full cycle of the school year from welcoming and settling new students in September to celebrating the success of students in July: by the end you will be ready to embark on your first full year as an NQT.

QTS only route or QTS with PGCE?

The decision about studying for QTS only or QTS with PGCE is entirely yours. There are many benefits of studying for QTS only, at a rate of £7,850: you will concentrate on working towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards and by not taking part in the post graduate study sessions, your time can be entirely focused on becoming an outstanding qualified teacher. It is the QTS qualification that allows you to teach in English schools.

If you choose the QTS with PGCE option at a rate of £9,250, you will be working towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards to gain QTS whilst also studying for 60 post graduate credits across the year. You might then choose to use the 60 credits already studied as a contribution towards a Masters’ qualification at a later date. A myth in teaching is that everyone needs/holds a PGCE: this is not the case and the decision is entirely yours, you will not be at a detriment at interview for holding QTS only, unless the specification specifically states ‘educated to post graduate level’ which is very rare. Some overseas schools also require teachers to hold a PGCE. 

For those choosing the QTS with PGCE route, we have teamed up with the University of Hull who will provide the input for the post graduate sessions of which there will be 4 across the year. The University of Hull will also set and mark the assignments. The Sheffield SCITT and Hungerhill will be your QTS provider and the University of Hull will be the postgraduate provider. On successful completion of the year, you will receive QTS from the Sheffield SCITT/Hungerhill and a PGCE from the University of Hull. The two qualifications will be awarded from separate bodies, however, we are in close communication with each other and we collaboratively design the PGCE input.

NB)  When candidates apply through the GOV.UK ‘Find postgraduate teacher training courses’ site, you can apply for one or both options (QTS only or PGCE with QTS): if you apply for both, that will take up two selections, so you will therefore have 1 choice remaining.

what subjects do we offer?

We offer non-salaried School Direct training in the following secondary subjects:

  • Art and Design
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computing
  • Design and Technology: Food
  • Design and Technology: Product Design and Engineering
  • Drama
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Languages (French and Spanish)
  • Physical Education
  • Physics

For anyone interested in training in PE, we also have the option to study PE with EBacc, where trainees are required to train in an EBacc subject in addition to their main specialism of PE so that they are capable of teaching this in school. This can give PE candidates ‘the edge’ when applying for a teaching job as the field can be extremely competitive. To be eligible for this option, a candidate would need to have an A Level at grade C or above in an EBacc subject. EBacc subjects include English, maths, science (one subject from the three specialisms of biology, chemistry and physics), modern foreign languages, geography or history.

which schools could i train in?

At Hungerhill we offer choice in terms of the type of school and location across the Doncaster area to train and work in: at the same time we remain small enough to know every trainee as an individual and meet your personal training needs.

Alongside Hungerhill, our ITT placement schools include:

  • Armthorpe Academy, Doncaster
  • Astrea Academy Woodfields, Balby, Doncaster
  • Doncaster UTC, College Road, Doncaster
  • Maltby Academy, Maltby
  • The McAuley Catholic High School, Cantley Lane, Doncaster
  • XP School, Doncaster

Please click on the tab to the right hand side of this webpage, ‘Who are the Partnership Schools’, to see detailed descriptions of our partner schools.

what funding is available to help me in my training year?

As with all teacher training routes, you could be eligible for a training bursary (or, where appropriate, scholarship) and can apply for the more financial support, such as student loans.

Fees are £9250 for QTS with PGCE and £7850 for QTS only: this can be paid privately or with a student loan. Bursaries or scholarships of up to £26 000 are available in some subjects, depending on your degree class.

For full details on finance, visit

how do i apply?

You can search and apply for teacher training courses using the Department for Education’s find tool. Applications for September 2022 open in October 2021.

For more information, visit

To apply, visit

Please note that your application cannot be processed until your references are completed.

We then shortlist and invite to interviews:

  • Most interviews will only involve stage 2 (detailed below) however for over-subscribed subject areas where there are limited places, such as PE, stage 1 interviews will be carried out first. In the stage 1 interview, you will be required to participate in a group activity, which involves being able to take part in a discussion and reflect upon your contributions. This task not only assesses your awareness of educational issues but also allows you to demonstrate your interpersonal and communication skills. Success at stage 1 will lead to a stage 2 interview.
  • Stage 2 interviews are led by the ITT coordinator and a subject specialist. The interview process will include a formal interview about subject knowledge and teaching methods, as well as a 15-minute teaching activity which we ask you to write a written reflection about afterwards. We also ask you to complete a literacy and numeracy skills audit so we can see if you need support in either area before starting your training year.

what are the entry requirements, and what experience do i need?

To be considered for the Hungerhill School Direct programme, you would need:

  • A relevant degree (where the majority of the content is related to the subject you will be teaching):  if you don't have a relevant degree you will need to have an A level in the subject you want to teach.
  • GCSE grade C or 4 in maths and English. We will also accept maths and English equivalency tests.  
  • If your qualifications are from overseas you will need to provide a NARIC certificate of comparability to UK qualifications.

If your degree isn't directly related to your subject or your knowledge a little rusty, you might find a Subject Knowledge Enhancement programme helps you. These programmes are often funded as they are part of a government-lead initiative. We would be happy to supply further information and support your application for a course like this once you have applied to us.

We are looking for ambitious trainees who:

  • are passionate and enthusiastic about teaching
  • care about our schools, the communities they serve and the special ethos each school has
  • show potential to become the next generation of outstanding teachers

Recent and relevant work experience is also important but is not obligatory to apply for teacher training. Recent experience of working in a classroom in the age range you wish to teach means you should have a good awareness of how schools operate and teaching in action. Applicants should be able to demonstrate how they have engaged, communicated with and inspired young people. 

Can I Visit the School and Get More Information? 

We would be delighted to welcome you for a visit to Hungerhill School at any point in your application process, this could be to observe lessons for a full day or to simply have a tour and discussion with the ITT coordinator. 

If you would like more information, please contact us using the following email address: 


The quotes below are from some of our previous trainees. They were only too happy to give us their insider views on the Hungerhill School Direct Programme!

“The Hungerhill ITT programme has been instrumental in my own teaching development. I have had opportunities to be challenged, to reflect and to be inspired by fantastic teaching and learning every day.”

“The Hungerhill ITT programme gave me the confidence to stand up in front of a room full of students… and the tools to help them make progress.”

“The Hungerhill ITT programme redefined my expectation of educational training. The support and dedication of all involved was exceptional and I don’t think I could have achieved QTS without the help of Becky (our ITT coordinator) and my mentor.”

“Joining the Hungerhill School ITT programme has allowed me to flourish and be inspired continually into my career.”

“My experience with the Hungerhill ITT programme has been fantastic overall. I learnt so much about various teaching practices and pedagogy. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to implement and experiment with these practices in my classes with the full support and guidance of a mentor.”

“You get stuck in from Day One which really helps build confidence and gain valuable insight into the profession. It allows you to explore the different teaching styles in contrasting schools and implement these into your own teaching. I feel extremely prepared going into my NQT year.”