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Hungerhill School

Lunch / After School Clubs

At Hungerhill school we offer our students as many enrichment opportunities as possible to broaden their cultural capital, boost their academic skills and social skills and improve their well-being. 

Research suggests that students who participate in enrichment activities have greater self-esteem and resilience: this engagement in enrichment activities can also support academic achievements. It also gives students the opportunity to make new friends and get to know staff who might not teach them in the timetabled lessons, helping with relationship building and communication skills.

Enrichment activities provide a rich array of positive experiences which may be particularly significant for students struggling to succeed in the classroom.  Once a student has experienced achievement in one area, there is a tendency for it to then spread into other areas of school life. Enrichment activities may provide a valuable catalyst for our students to create a sense of identity and belonging to Hungerhill, offering them a meaningful experience that allows our students to excel, thrive and succeed academically but also outside of the classroom.

At Hungerhill, we are proud to offer an extensive variety of Enrichment Clubs and activities which run either at lunchtime or after school. The programme is constantly evolving and we would love to hear ideas from our students about other clubs they would like to see!

Lego club

Lego club has been very popular with students on a Thursday lunch time this half-term. Mrs McDermott-Knight who runs the club commented 'Lego club provides students with a chance to meet up with like-minded fellow students and a space in which to create whatever they want from Lego bricks, share ideas and test out some of their designs. Students love experimenting. The power of the student imagination is endless!'

KS3 Art club

Students from years 7 and 8 have been creative during Art club over the half-term. They have been using watercolour paints to create shoe and trainer designs.

Lunch Football          

Lunch football has been running for each year group on one day per week.  The students have been working in game situations to develop overall understanding of all attacking and defending aspects of football. Regular Y8 attendee Jack Reeve commented’ It’s been good to be able to play with my friends from the other sectors in our year group and have something to look forward to at lunch time and after school.

Year 8 Table Tennis

Y8 students have attended table tennis enrichment club with great enthusiasm throughout the half-term. Students have had the opportunity to develop the forehand and backhand shots as well as learning different serving techniques. The group have experienced both singles and doubles game situations.

Mindfulness Colouring

Mindfulness colouring takes place during the lunch time library club. Students from all years have been very excited to try something new and the participation numbers have increased each week over the half-term. Mrs Kwasniewska who runs the club said ‘mindfulness colouring gives the students the opportunity to relax and socialize with their friends. The students really enjoy the calming atmosphere in the library during lunch times.

The boys football club has been well attended so far this year. The students have been working on basic 5 a-side play. Regular attendee Charlie Hargrave said’ It’s been good to be able to play with my friends from the other sectors in our year group’.

Gym Club

The gym club has been well attended by students since the start of the year.  Over 30 students regularly attend the after-school club on Wednesdays and Fridays. The group were initially instructed on how to use all the resistance machines, cardio equipment and free-weights. Students have had the opportunity to produce and develop a fitness plan tailored to their individual fitness goals. There is always a great atmosphere at the club and the students are always supportive to each other.

Girl’s football

Girl’s football has got off to a flying start! After school enrichment on a Tuesday has seen over 30 different faces. Many whom have represented Hungerhill in the ESFA Cup Round 1.

Rugby club

The school Rugby enrichment has seen over 40 different students attend. We have played our first kS3 game and are looking at arranging further fixtures next half term.