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Hungerhill School

Medicines Forms

During your child's time at Hungerhill, you may find that they have to take medication on either a short-term or long-term basis (for example, antibiotics, pain killers, inhalers, etc.)

Please read the information below. More detailed information can be found in our Administration of Medicines and Medical Conditions policy by clicking here

  • There is no legal duty on school staff to administer medication.
  • The school will only accept prescribed medicines brought into school by a responsible adult.
  • All medicines must be in the original container, as dispensed by the pharmacist, with correct name, dosage, date, method of administration, time/frequency of administration, any side effects, and expiry date.
  • Short-term prescription requirements should only be taken to school if it is detrimental to the child’s health if it were not administered in school.
  • School will not administer medicines that have not been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse prescriber, or pharmacist prescriber.

School will support and encourage students, who are able, to take responsibility to manage their own medicines. This needs to be a joint decision between school, parents, and the student. Parents will complete a request form for students to carry their own medication (Form C).

Please complete the applicable form below and either return a printed copy to school, or email it to