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Hungerhill School

Parents' Information

Welcome to the Hungerhill School 'Parents' Information' page.

Here you will find any letters that are sent home to parents via our students. These include notification about special events, such as Parents' Evenings and concerts, and general, day-to-day information that affects our students.

All our letter banks are organised by month so it should be easy to find what you're looking for. Use the links to the right to access the information.

Other important resources are located here, including a form for changes to personal information, and any forms you may need should your child require medication within school. ​Due to Data Protection, we must receive all requests to change personal information in writing. You can do this by completing a 'Change of Personal Information' form in person via our School Reception, or by completing the downloadable form and returning it to school.

Instructions for completing the downloadable forms:


  • Click the document title to open

  • Follow 'save' prompts at the bottom of the screen (this will vary for different computers)

  • Click 'open'

  • Fill in the changes against the appropriate fields

  • Save the document to your computer in the desired location for your records

  • Email the saved document as an attachment using your preferred email program/service.


Ipad (Please note that all tablet devices operate differently and the following instructions are specifically designed for use with an iPad. Some steps also apply to iPhones if you are working from a smartphone):

  • You must install the free app 'Adobe Acrobat' from the App Store

  • Tap the document title to open

  • Tap 'Open in...' and choose 'Copy to Adobe Acrobat' - the file will open in the app

  • Tap each field to fill in the necessary changes

  • If you want to 'draw' a signature onto the form, tap the speech-bubble-pencil icon and then tap the pencil at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to draw your signature.

  • Tap the 'export' symbol (displayed as a rectangle and arrow)

  • Tap 'share file'

  • Tap 'share flattened copy' - this will close all editable fields.

  • Tap the 'mail' icon and send the completed form to the following email address:

If you have any difficulties downloading the form please don't hesitate to contact the school Reception on 01302 885811.