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Hungerhill School


Welcome to the parents' section of the Hungerhill website. Clicking the "Letters to Parents" link on the right, you will find letters that get sent home via our students. The other links contain lots of other information that could be of use to you.

We recommend that you check this page for updates regularly. The Noticeboard section below will communicate important messages that you will need for your information.




Maths Support

Maths Support Please be aware that there are sessions available to all students to complete past papers, revise quietly, ask questions or complete Pinpoint booklets in room 27a on a Tuesday after school until 4pm and a Monday lunchtime at 12:10pm (students can bring a packed lunch to this session).

ICT Tips

Please be aware that your child's email address is their username with affixed to the end. Their email address can be used to access Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook etc. etc. Their password will be the same as their school login password. These should both be written down in their planner. For example John Smith, who leaves school in 2027, would have the username Smith.J27 - his email address would be 

Community Defibrillator Information

The cardiac charity SADS UK aims to save lives, providing information, funding research and medical equipment to prevent premature sudden cardiac death.
Provision of cardiac equipment
SADS UK empowers medical establishments and organisations by providing information and cardiac equipment including:-
• A Defibrillator to Hungerhill School, to restart the heart in an emergency situation and sustain life until the ambulance arrives. 
• The defibrillator is located at the rear of the Fitness Suite facing the sports fields in a bright yellow box (see photo)
• The defibrillator is available to the local Community via the South Yorkshire Ambulance Service when 999 is dialled between the hours of 0800 through to 1630 hrs Mon – Fri

Changes to Parking Restriction at Hungerhill School

The Highways Agency has recently changed the terms of the parking restriction for the bus bay outside Hungerhill School. Please note that the restricted area, signified by the road markings, is now a 'No Parking/Waiting Zone' and parking/waiting in this area is not permitted at any time.

Positive Shout-Outs

Please see below for our positive shout out certificates awarded to students following the start of the Academic Year.