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Hungerhill School

Pre-owned Uniform & Stationery

If you have any unwanted items that are in good condition and that may help some of our students during this difficult financial time, we would be really grateful if you could donate these at reception. We have set up a drop-off point with labelled laundry and stationery baskets which can be accessed between the hours of 8am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

We are looking for:

* 'Cliffs' uniform that has been outgrown, we are in greatest need of blazers, skirts and trousers

* Hungerhill branded PE kit, including football boots that have been outgrown

* spare stationery that is no longer required, including scientific calculators

* revision guides which have been finished with

If you are a parent/carer who is struggling to purchase new uniform or stationery this year and wish to make use of any donations, due to financial hardship, please contact - please note that all uniform donated will be cleaned and pressed prior to redistribution


UPDATE - 10/07/2020: Wow, we have donations already. Thank you to the person/people who have donated this uniform and equipment, and before we've even really advertised it! We are really grateful and excited to see how this takes off. This will be really beneficial to so many of our students and it is also kinder to our environment as there will be far less waste - Thank you!

UPDATE - 16/07/2020: Great news! Our donated uniform has been washed and pressed. It is now ready for re-distribution. Thank you to parents for donating.