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Hungerhill School Hungerhill

School Uniform


The school attaches great importance to appropriate dress. It helps to establish a feeling of community and to develop the personal presentation skills of students. Uniform is, therefore, not an option; it is a necessity. We expect all students to wear the uniform with pride when in school or when attending school functions.

More information about the changes to our school uniform, including supplier and ordering details, are available in the 2019-20 Uniform Leaflet which is available to download on the right.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with all the information available on this page.

School blazer: The school blazer is compulsory for all students that will enter Years 7-10 in September 2018. Jumpers are compulsory for those starting Year 11, but a blazer can be worn in its place. They can be purchased from our nominated supplier, Cliffs.

Plain black, trousers/knee length skirt of a classical style, straight cut, purchased from our nominated supplier, Cliffs. Trousers/skirts purchased from other retailers are NOT permitted.

Shirt: Plain white shirt with traditional collar buttoned to the top (no sports shirts).​
School Jumper:​ Plain black V-neck with school logo. These are to be purchased from our nominated supplier, Cliffs. The jumper is optional for year 11 to be worn if they do not wear a blazer. Blazers are compulsory for all other year groups. No other tops are permitted.​
Tie:​ ​A school tie must be worn. These are available for £5.00 and can be purchased from both Cliffs and the school Admin Office.
School bag: New Year 7 students will have the choice of either a black holdall, black rucksack, or a black Tote bag. These bags must be plain and display no logos. These can be purchased from our nominated supplier, Cliffs. Continuing students may continue with their own choice of bag, such as a rucksack or sports bag, as long as it meets certain criteria; bags must be zipped to prevent rain damaging their books and equipment; bags must be capable of fitting all necessary school equipment and books (including two A4 folders); bags must be of a single, muted colour to include black, navy, grey, and brown.
School coat:​ No hoodies, tracksuit tops, jersey tops, e.g. sweatshirts, denim jackets, leather jackets, fur coats, cardigan style jackets.​ Ideally, any coat your child wears to school should be waterproof.
Socks/tights:​ Girls wearing skirts must wear plain, white/black socks, or plain black/flesh coloured tights.​


Footwear:​ All students are expected to wear sensible, black shoes with safe heels for movement around school. Boys must not wear trainer style shoes. We strongly recommended low heels for girls. Trainers, boots, canvas shoes, sandals, pumps, or 'ballet' style shoes are not allowed.​
​Ear-rings: Students may wear a small, single, plain stud (not a ring) in each ear lobe. Ear 'stretchers' are not permitted and jewellery in any other part of the ear is also not permitted.​
​Jewellery: Jewellery should only be worn in the form of a single, plain stud in the bottom of ear lobe and not in other parts of the ear. All others forms of jewellery, including tongue piercings, are not allowed. Smart watches are not allowed. Standard watches are permissible.​
​Hair styles: ​These should be appropriate for school. Heads should not be shaved. Excessive hairstyles, such as line designs, extreme shaping, styling, unnatural colouring, or combination of colours are not allowed. We do not expect hair to be shaved to less than a grade 2.
​Make-up: Make-up is not allowed in Years 7, 8 and 9. It should only be worn discreetly in Years 10 & 11 and is seen as a privilege for the older students. False nails and nail polish must not be worn.​
​Denim: Denim and 'jeans-type' clothing should not be worn. Denim jackets or coats are not allowed.​
​Protective clothing: Please provide your child with an apron or overall for use in art studios and workshops.​
​School bags: All school bags must be black, large enough to carry A4 folders and books, and must be appropriate for school. 'Handbag style' bags will not be permitted from September 2015

Parents are asked to ensure that clothing is clearly labelled.