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Hungerhill School

Student Leadership

Developing student leadership across the school is very important to us at Hungerhill as when given the opportunity, young people can have a profound impact on school improvement from a more inclusive rewards system to working towards the gold anti-bullying charter mark and lots in-between!

Involvement in leadership activities can improve students’ learning as well as helping them to develop the skills and traits needed for success outside of the classroom. Being a student leader can provide students with a range of opportunities and help them develop key skills such as communication, both written and verbal, through involvement in activities such as presentations and leading assemblies. Organisational skills will also be developed through planning and leading whole school events. Prioritisation, listening and feedback skills are also amongst the core skills developed.

Hungerhill school’s student leadership programme aims to increase the opportunities for student leadership across the school and to enhance the input students have with key school policies, whole school events and student well-being.

The leadership opportunities are listed below:

  • Anti-bullying Ambassadors 
  • Art ambassadors 
  • Sports ambassadors 
  • Dance ambassadors 
  • T&L ambassadors 
  • Food & nutrition ambassadors 
  • DT ambassadors 
  • Science ambassadors 
  • ICT ambassadors (
  • Careers ambassadors 
  • Music & performing arts ambassadors 
  • Peer mentor ambassadors
  • Languages ambassadors 
  • SEND Ambassadors 
  • Environmental and Sustainability ambassadors 

Year 11 Student Leaders

We have a staggering 37 Year 11 Student Leaders this year: this high number is due to the fantastic quality of the students’ applications and interview performance!

Our Team is shown below:

Head Boy

Head Girl

Rohail Habib

Isabelle Sutcliffe-Ward

Deputy Head Boys

Deputy Head Girls

James Canham

Max Green

Chloe Barley 

Eleanor Boldry 

Assistant Head Boy

Assistant Head Girls

Ben Hodson

Grace Blair

Ruby Hancock

Lola Swinson-Jones 

Student Leaders

James Allan

Eve Clift

Isabelle Collins

Talitha Crane

Ava Denton

Lydia Edson

Esther Field

Bella Goodchild

Lyla Gravil

Amelia Hodson

Rachel Hodson

Amy Hope

Erica Hutchinson

Charley Jason

Olivia Lambe 

Katie Liddle

Charlie Middleton

Isabelle Noble

Connor Pollard-Logan

Jack Roberson

Joel Roberton

Grace Sanderson

Samuel Stevenson

Emily Taylor

Isabelle Wainman

Abbey Wilkes

Malak Zraidi 


Our Year 11 student leaders are divided into four sub-groups to work on the following objectives:

  1. Student leadership
  2. Charity and enrichment
  3. Equality and diversity
  4. Mental health and anti-bullying

Each group works with staff and senior leaders on an implantation plan over the year to achieve great things and raise awareness in each area.

Here is a taster of what each group is working on:

  • Student Leadership – this group has worked with Mr Parks on the range of leadership groups available and are assisting with the promotion of these groups. They will monitor the quality of the opportunities over the year and continue to promote the importance and benefits of taking up leadership roles.
  • Charity and Enrichment – this group will be running many charity events including a Christmas Fayre. In addition to this, they assist with the interform charity events each term and will support staff with the Christmas Shoebox appeal. They have also co-led an assembly with Mr Parks on the importance of enrichment and the enrichment offer at Hungerhill.
  • Mental Health & Anti-Bullying group – the previous student leader cohort secured the Anti-Bullying Charter Mark Silver Award for the school and the current group are now working on the gold award. They are also raising awareness of mental health through assemblies and form time activities.
  • Equality and Diversity group - this group have worked on the Stonewall Bronze award. They also run a Safe Space lunchtime club and will be leading assemblies to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and acceptance.
  • 7 of our previous cohort of student leaders have worked with Mrs Hancock to secure reaccreditation for Hungerhill as a World Class School. See the World Class Schools tab in the About Us section of the website for more information on this. Our current team will continue this great work.



Our Student Leaders talking about the benefits of the enrichment and student leadership in assembly.

Our Student Leaders helped promote the enrichment programme by handing out club timetables on the gate.