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Hungerhill School

Student Leadership

Developing student leadership across the school is very important to us at Hungerhill as when given the opportunity, young people can have a profound impact on school improvement from a more inclusive rewards system to working towards the silver anti-bullying charter mark and lots in-between!

Involvement in leadership activities can improve students’ learning as well as helping them to develop the skills and traits needed for success outside of the classroom. Being a student leader can provide students with a range of opportunities and help them develop key skills such as communication, both written and verbal, through involvement in activities such as presentations and leading assemblies. Organisational skills will also be developed through planning and leading whole school events. Prioritisation, listening and feedback skills are also amongst the core skills developed.

Hungerhill school’s student leadership programme aims to increase the opportunities for student leadership across the school and to enhance the input students have with key school policies, whole school events and student well-being.

Aims and objectives

This year our Year 11 student leaders have been divided into three separate groups to work on the following objectives:

  1. Student leadership with equality and diversity
  2. Charity fundraising with enrichment
  3. Mental health and wellbeing with antibullying

Each group are working with staff and senior leaders on an implantation plan for their objectives: we are very excited about their ideas and how this will take shape over the year!

Roles and responsibilities

  • To promote academic achievement of all students, regardless of ability, by increasing motivation, resilience and confidence.
  • Ensure that all students have excellent communication skills to allow them to access all areas of school life.
  • To make sure every child feels safe and welcome in school.
  • To support students to feel ready and prepared for secondary school and beyond.
  • To liaise with each other and increase the impact of the role of student leaders across school.
  • To provide valuable feedback on ‘school life’ including teaching and learning, wellbeing provision, home learning, enrichment and rewards.

What have our Y11 student leaders been doing?

Mental Health & Wellbeing group

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing with Anti-bullying group secured the Anti-Bullying Charter Mark Silver Award for the school and are now working on the gold award. 

Equality and Diversity group


Our Equality and Diversity group have worked on the Stonewall Bronze award. They have also created and lead on a Safe Space lunchtime club and addressed anti-LGBTQ+ bulling by designing posters for display around the school site.


Charity and Enrichment group

The charity and enrichment group’s work has included:

  • Running a Christmas Fayre to complete our Fundraising for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service.
  • Supported form groups from Y8-10 with the Christmas Shoebox appeal and contributed to the 124 shoeboxes which were donated the Trussell Trust.
  • Choosing the Teenage Cancer Trust as our designated charity for Spring Term and supporting Y7-10 forms in the running of their fundraising events.
  • Raising money for the Eves Merton’s Trust. The group assisted Mr Parry with selling tickets for the annual charity football match the charity hosts. On Friday 29th April they held a lunchtime ice cream sale which raised £600.


7 of our student leaders have worked with Mrs Hancock to secure reaccreditation for Hungerhill as a World Class School. See the World Class Schools tab in the About Us section of the website for more information on this.