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Hungerhill School

World Class Schools

Hungerhill is proud to have received the World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) in December 2018. In order to be selected to apply a school has to be rated as Outstanding by OFSTED and have exceptionally high examination results. The award’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the students are assessed with regard to whether they are World Class or not, rather than the school itself. The premise is, that if the school is truly World Class, then its students should be able to demonstrate this in whatever context they find themselves.

Comments made throughout the process

“These are absolutely exceptional students. I was incredibly impressed by how
well they worked together as a team, and the insightful questions they asked,” Alex Green Schools Programme Manager at Ashden LESS CO2

We were incredibly impressed with the high standard of work produced by the students on the day - you can absolutely see why they were nominated by their school as being World Class .” Miranda Perry, Director of WCSQM.