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Hungerhill School

Dropdown Days

Throughout each school year, our students have the opportunity to experience themed drop-down days with a variety of foci: all building important knowledge and skills such as confidence and resilience.

Our first drop down day involves the whole of Year 7 going on a day trip to the Kingswood Activity Centre in October. Students complete physical and problem-solving challenges whilst building relationships with their peers and teachers.

During 2021-22, Year 7 and 9 students take part in four RE drop down days with Y9 also having three days for PSHE as well. Examples of the style/content of these days are shown below:

Year Group Subject Focus Core Value Link Format of the day
7 RE Tolerance and anti-discrimination Respect One teacher with each form all day, working through information and activities which involve discussion, creativity and competition.
9 PSHE Consent, healthy relationships and grooming Respect

3 sessions:

Session 1 – Mike Bell (school nurse) presentation on healthy relationships followed by breakout rooms in forms with teachers.

Session 2 - Carmel Bartlett (Senior Education Welfare Officer, Child Exploitation Team, Doncaster Children’s Service’s Trust) presentation on CSE and grooming.

Session 3 – JLA and RHA presentation on consent followed by breakout rooms in forms with teachers.