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Hungerhill School

Information for Parents

A child is never too young to be thinking about their future plans and aspirations. Students who have clear personal goals and career ambitions are more likely to make progress in school, attain good exam results and secure an appropriate pathway to a fulfilling and happy future.

Aspirations and career plans may develop and alter significantly between year 7 and 11 but having an ongoing dialogue about possible higher education and career choices can improve motivation, enthusiasm, increase aspirations and develop goal for all students.

Here are some very simple and practical steps you can take to support your son/daughter with career decisions and their post-16 destination choices

  • Talk to your son/daughter about their current educational attainment and estimated grades and encourage them to do their best and aim high.
  • Talk to your son/daughter about careers they are interested in. Find out what they already know and encourage them to visit the careers section of the school website and the careers' library.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to find out about what courses, apprenticeships, jobs and training opportunities are available locally and encourage them to explore all the learning options available to them from age 16. 
  • Encourage them to seek out the advice and experiences they need to help them achieve their goals (experience will help to enhance their CV and increase their employability).